Pizza Pizza

One of the fastest and most delicious meals I make is homemade pizza.  My secret is going around the corner to the Nantucket Bakery and buying a ball of pizza dough for $3.  I’ve made several types of pizzas and it always just depends on what I have at home.  No marinara?  No problem.  Just put some olive oil and herbs on the crust, top with cheese and whatever toppings you have.  The pizza dough is also great to use as a flatbread, topped with any herbs and toppings you want.  Wherever you are, I bet your local bakery has dough that you can purchase.

The first few times I made homemade pizza, the outside was crispy and the center was done but too soft for my liking.  I discovered that baking the pizza on a lightly oiled cast iron griddle in the oven turns out the perfect crust every time.

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