Welcome to Honey Creek Kitchen!

I created this blog for you.  You want to cook wholesome meals, nourish your family, and try new, healthy foods but it can be an uphill battle.  As much as you want to cook wholesome meals, you don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen.  You may have thirty minutes to get dinner on the table before the next task and cooking whole foods feels impossible.  You may feel like a short order cook, making one healthful meal for you and a separate, “kid-friendly” meal for your family. It can leave you feeling overwhelmed and discouraged at mealtime.  As a full-time working mom with an infant and preschooler I get it and I want to help transform your nightly struggle into a time you enjoy.

I believe that cooking wholesome meals can be simple.  I believe you can find meals that everyone will love. I believe that you can get everyone involved in preparing them with you, making memories while you make dinner.  I understand how important it is to feel like you are nourishing your family and that is why I have created simple, whole foods recipes the whole family will love.

Here’s my approach:

  1. Plan ahead.  I find that when I plan my meals for each week I always have the ingredients I need, I can think through my game plan even before I start to cook, and we can eat something everyone will love each week.
  2. Buy quality food.  I feel better about the food I eat when it is grown responsibly, without pesticides, and with minimal packaging.  I want to nourish my environment as well as my body.
  3. Stay in your lane.  You won’t want to try new foods if they are too far outside of your family’s comfort zone.  Choose dishes that are similar enough to things you know the family will love. My hope is that I inspire you to make food that is accessible, comforting, and appeals to your family.

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